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Twin Fabric Filters with Vento Controllers and Off-line Cleaning

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Complete LEC Dry Limestone Acid Gas Removal System

BoldEco Systems Offering

• multi-pollutant systems
• highest efficiency dry DeSOx systems
• innovative SNCR and SCR DeNOx systems
• state-of-the-art evaporative gas cooling systems
• long bag fabric filters
• high-efficiency ESPs
• flooded disc wet scrubbers

Today's Compliance Challenges

Pollution Control systems are installed in various industrial and utility applications to recover process material and achieve low process emissions. Industry in has made valuable contributions to ambient air quality in recent years, in part to comply with environmental protection directives, in part to satisfy the demands of neighboring communities.

Today, industrial emissions sources face even greater challenges due to stringent new source emissions limits on acid gases, heavy metals (including Mercury), and particulate matter (including PM2.5), among other pollutants.

BoldEco Solutions

BoldEco possesses in-house experience that allows us to offer completely integrated gas cleaning systems, resulting in single-responsibility air pollution control solutions.

Our control technologies are continually being updated to meet current and future requirements, and, by implementing newly developed technological improvements, achieve elevated efficiencies at a high levels of reliability.

BoldEco Environment has supplied both new and retrofit installations in response to the various regulations calling for increasingly efficient pollution control plants, always conscious of the customer’s need to cost-effectively achieve ever higher degrees of flexibility and reliability.

Project Execution

Projects can be carried out according to a client’s wishes, based on the supply of system components only, on smart-parts and engineering for local fabrication and erection, or on complete turnkey projects, which may be more desirable due to sole-source responsibility. Since BoldEco manufactures and installs the main proprietary system components and large fabricated elements through cooperation with local partners, there is complete control over the entire project execution process.

Projects are executed by competent project managers and engineers, who oversee the engineering, manufacturing and logistics. As much as possible, BoldEco ships pre-assembled components for ease of installation, as well as to maintain tight control over erection costs and installation schedules. Commissioning, acceptance testing and field service, completes our customer service regimen.

BoldEco Experience

Together with our specialized partners and its competent affiliates around the world, we bring valuable experience to each application demanding a high degree of technical competence in design and engineering. It is just this specialized knowledge, vast experience and breadth of market coverage that allows us to compete at a very high level internationally .

Already, a large number of systems are successfully operating in steel, power generation, cement, lime, incineration and other industries. BoldEco has proven that it can successfully execute large-scale, complex projects throughout the world and pledges to maintain its reliable partnership with industry and power by its continued investment in market expansion.

Ancillary Equipment and Systems

BoldEco is skilled in supplying more than just particulate controls. Our arsenal of technologies includes evaporative gas cooling systems, innovative SNCR and SCR DeNOx systems, highest efficiency DeSOx systems, dry and semi-dry, including patented systems, flooded-disc wet scrubbers, as well as other innovative gas cleaning technologies.