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BoldEco Environment is affiliated with a worldwide network of companies that provide a variety of air pollution control products and services to virtually every market the world over.

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BoldEco Environment has revoked its licenses for the following companies worldwide:

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Redefining Efficiency

BoldEco Environment is re-defining efficiency for air pollution control systems with advanced technologies such as the EcoPulse PulseJet Fabric Filter for particulate matter capture, the OptiVap Evaporative Spray Cooling System for hot gas cooling, and the EcoSorb Limestone Emission Control (LEC) and Turbulent Fluid Bed (TFB) systems for the control of gaseous pollutants.

Advanced Designs

Our advanced designs incorporate leading-edge concepts, tested and improved by field trials and full-scale installation feedback. BoldEco Environment supplies and manufactures these systems throughout the world as part of a stategically located network of affiliated partners that make up the Eco group of companies.

Eco Partners

The network of affiliated Eco companies includes partners operating in the power, petrochemical, incineration, steel, metallurgical , cement, lime and associated fields with air preparation, gas cleaning and gas cooling products as well as all associated engineering services.

BoldEco products and services:


EP-HPJ High-Pressure PulseJet Fabric Filters
EP-MPJ Med-Pressure PulseJet Fabric Filters
EP-LPJ Low-Pressure PulseJet Fabric Filters
EP-VEnTO (Variable Pressure PulseJet Controller)
EP-OT ESP Optimization Technologies


ES-LEC Dry Limestone Scrubbers
ES-TFB Dry Hydrated Lime Scrubbers
resoES-CFB Semi-dry Hydrated Lime Scrubbers
ES-HL Hydrated Lime Spray Dryers


Spray Cooling Systems


Air-to-air Heat Exchangers

Engineering Services

CFD Gas Flow Modeling
Gas Flow Optimization
Air Pollution Control Process Optimization

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